The Truck Hat Rack that safely racks your Cowboy Hats in Style!


Why Hat Lasso?

Over the years, we ruined a lot of 20X's, and more than a few "Old Faithfuls", not having our favorite cowboy hat properly racked during road trips.  The cowboy hat racks we found were either, bulky, ugly, or required drilling holes in the roof, and most times didn't install properly in our trucks. 

So, after a whole lot of "belly aching" about what was wrong with everyone else's hat racks, we decided to do something about it.  What started as a simple idea using two pieces of rope, has evolved into the most revolutionary Western Wear accessory to hit the market.  (Did we mention it also looks great?)

What is a Hat Lasso?

The Hat Lasso is two strands of "braided line" attached to a line hook, housed in a retractable spool.  You simply pin the retractable spool to your headliner, pull out the line hook seperating the two lines, place the crown of your hat between the lines, and anchor the line hook into your headliner.  In all of 10 seconds, your favorite cowboy hat is safely racked, where you want it. (Did we mention it also looks great?)


Hat Lasso vs The Others

  • The Hat Lasso is not permanently installed.  You use it when and where you want.  The Others are one time permanent installations, most times requiring you to drill holes into your truck.
  • The Hat Lasso comes in 12 "Great" looking models, each with it's own distinctive Western Concho or Bead Jewelry.  The Others look like "Out Of Place" coat racks, with clumsy spring clips, or suction cups that don't hold.

Click Here to view all of the Great Looking "Hat Lasso" models.

So, rope a Hat Lasso for all your favorite Cowboys and Cowgirls this holiday season!  Or spoil yourself, and be the first to show off this revolutionary Western Wear accessory.


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